- P R I V A T E O F F E R I N G -

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BREAKING NEWS: The Multi-Trillion Dollar EMPIRE GROUP has Endowed
a $22 Billion Dollar Funding to Dr. Lieven Van Neste to Develop and Build
5,000 Health Hotels worldwide in cooperation with Marriott International

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= Health Hotels - Angel Capital =

  • Benefit: 400% return in 120 days.
  • Health & Wellness: Rejuvenate, Revitalize, Re-Energize.
  • Now: Be Part of History in the Making
Become part of the movement and witness a Revolution in people regaining their fullest Health Potential while you get a massive return (400%) on your investment in a short period of time (4 months).
Earn an 400% Profit
This is a great opportunity for you to be able to Multiply your money by investing in a Solid Global Health Hotel Project, within a very short Time Window
Your Participation
With a minimum investment of €500 you can choose the size of your Participation that best fits your Budget.
Private Offering
This is a 100% Private Offering and is NOT available to the Public and you will have a Private Back-Office to Track your Earnings
= Interview with Christopher Crutcher - CEO Empire Group =

  • Who: Chairman of the Empire Group, LTD
  • Where: Macau SAR of China
  • Projects: Health Hotels & Cities of Science
Interview with Mr. Christopher Crutcher, the CEO of the Empire Group, in which he shares his Believe, Trust and Confidence in Dr. Lieven's Health Hotels Project and why the Empire Group chose to Partner with this Project.
= Interview with John Reighard, Vice-President Empire Group =

  • Project: Project explanation by Dr. Lieven
  • Vision: More than a Dream, a Revolutionary Vision for Enhancement in the Health & Wellness field
  • Share: Now, you have the Opportunity to Share this Amazing Vision with Your Friends and Family
Interview and Q&A with the Vice President of the Empire Group, Mr. John Reighard, and Dr Lieven Van Neste. John also explains why we can Pay Out such a High Return on Investment
= Christopher Crutcher CEO Empire Group =
He is a graduate of Harvard College (1986) with an AB in European History 1700 to the Present.  He worked as an Analyst in Morgan Stanley & Co’s Controllers Department (1986), and was promoted to serve as an Expatriate in Morgan Stanley International Co., Ltd. in Tokyo (1987).  Mr. Crutcher was then recruited by Deutsche Bank Capital Markets (Asia) Ltd. to join the International Bond Desk of their Tokyo Office, interfacing with major Japanese Corporations as a Bond Salesman.  From 1988, he founded Crutcher Capital Management as an international financial consulting company, which is still active as a family-owned business, having performed work in 40 countries throughout the globe, and provided advice and financial programs to international First Nations (on a humanitarian basis), as well as to G-20 Nations.  In 2008, Mr. Crutcher founded Project Galileo, a humanitarian project for economic recovery supporting developing nations, and incorporating 300 proprietary technologies, 12 investment funds, and 15 charitable and environmental foundations.  Project Galileo is presently under contract for its senior financing, and is anticipated to commence full global operations during 2017.
= John Reighard Vice-President Empire Group =
He is a graduate of the Business Administration Department of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, with a BBA in Marketing (1985). He has served as the CEO of MomentumNow Business Systems (from 2002 - Present), where he provided Strategic Planning and Executive Support, and in some cases Working Capital. Mr. Reighard was also a Principal of ER Ventures (specializing in SME investments) (2002-2016). Prior to 2002, Mr Reighard was an award-winning Executive in Silicon Valley where he had Domestic and International GM roles. In addition to his work in venture capital in the State of California and the Greater U.S., John obtained professional certification as a Business Coach, Sales Leader, Salesperson, Facilitator, and Public Speaker. As Head of Sales for Empire Group (appointed 2017) Mr. Reighard is well qualified to recruit, train, and lead Empire Group’s global sales force, and his venture capital experience will enhance the success of Project Galileo’s Christian Growth Fund (Switzerland), which he will personally be advising, and for which he will be performing services as an Overseas Investment Officer.